Ingo Moerth, Gerhard Froehlich (Editors):


CAMPUS-Verlag; Frankfurt/Main - New York, ISBN 3-593-34964-7
(311 pages), DM 39,80

Publication Language: GERMAN

English description:

The symbolic capital of lifestyles.
Contributions to the sociology of culture and modernity after Pierre Bourdieu

Bourdieu´s "Distinction. A Social Critique of the Judgement of Taste" (1984/1979) is still ranked among the most importatnt works in cultural theory of the present time. His scientific analyses and data about cultural and social inequality are developed further in the contributions of this volume. The empirical question is if  Bourdieu´s conclusions of his research in France of the sixties and seventies could be also fertile in other cultures and times. For answering that question the book takes into account that traditional classes and stratums begin to disappear, and that new ways of life
and thinking are developing which are connected to this.

Table of content:

Gerhard Froehlich/ Ingo Moerth:
Life styles as symbolic capital? The actual relevance of cultural distinctions.

Gerhard Froehlich:
Capital; habitus; field; symbol. Basic concepts of Pierre Bourdieu´s cultural theory.

Hans-Peter Mueller:
Culture and social inequality. From classical to newer cultural sociology.

Ronald Hitzler:
Sense tinkering. About the subjective assembling of life styles.

Elmar J. Koenen:
On the hermeneutic reconstruction of social distinctions.

Matthias Michailow:
The semantics of life style. Social inequality and new social formations in the cultural society.

Michael Vester:
The changed class society. Modernization of social structure and change of mentalities in Western Germany.

Rudolf  Richter:
Changes and conflicts of style. On the analysis of life style and mentality in social space by the example of characteristic lower middle-class ways of life.

Kurt Luger:
Media as distributors of lifestyles. The petit bourgeois world of the Austrian "Kronenzeitung"´s readers.

Ronald Hitzler:
Rituals of inequality: Sado-maso-eroticism in everyday life and in the daily media.

Ulf  Wuggenig:
Social structure of the domestic object world. Results of a photo survey.

Christoph Behnke/ Ulf Wuggenig:
The heteronomization of the esthetic sphere. The judgment of an avant-garde art public upon art, economy and entertainment.

Roman Hummel:
Foreign newspaper peddlers in Austria. Life styles as stigma and strategy of survival.

Claudia Gerdes:
Strangers in their own country. Cultural strategies of distinction of  Latin - American elites.

Gerhard Froehlich/ Ingo Moerth:
A thread through the maze of scholarship: Pierre Bourdieu. A contextual and referential bibliographical report.