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A comprehensive, contextual and referential 

bibliography and mediagraphy 

of all works and public statements 

by Pierre Bourdieu.


This bibliographical documentation started with our bibliography "Leitfaden durchs Labyrinth der Gelehrsamkeit Pierre Bourdieus" ("Thread through the maze of scholarship: Pierre Bourdieu"), pp. 271-311 in our book "Das symbolische Kapital der Lebensstile. Zur Kultursoziologie der Moderne nach Pierre Bourdieu" ("The symbolic capital of life styles. Contributions to the sociology of culture and modernity after Pierre Bourdieu"), Fankfurt /M.-N.Y. 1994 (Campus). We wish to thank the publisher, Campus Verlag, and our editor, Mr. Adalbert Hepp, for the permission to use the original bibliography. 

Based upon that, it was updated and enlarged, especially with all available AV-media informations, and reworked  for internet-use by changing all internal references into clickable links. In addition to that, all online available versions of Bourdieu texts are included with the link active at the moment of documentation. These links may be outdated, of course. But please note that we can take no responsibility for the content or copyright of any web link shown on our pages.


Operating instructions


Each entry is characterized by a key, compiled by

The categories are:

book by Pierre Bourdieu (author or co-author)
S collective volume (Bourdieu as editor, co-editor or contributor)
A article in a journal or collective volume (author or co-author)
interview, other dialogue (f.e. participation at a discussion), including radio and TV-broadcasts & other oral communications
grey" publication, f.e. research report; including  manuscripts or letters (if held by an archive or cited by others) 
reprint, reissue (any of the above categories) 
translation (any of the above categories) 



For example: 1990-B-fra-2 

= book, published 1990 in French, with the successive no. 2 (within the categorial group "books in French 1990").

Most remarks and explanations are, due to the original bibliography we started with, still in German, although some key explanations have been added in English and/ or French, too. 


A glossary of  some German terms used for explanation follows.


Anh., Anhang = appendix
Arbeitspapier = working paper 
Aufl., Auflage = edition
Aufsatzsammlung = collection of articles  
Auszug = extract 
auch in = also in
Beiheft, Beilage = supplement 
Beitrag = contribution  
dt., deutsch = German
ebenso in = identically reprinted in  
Einschub = insert
engl. = English
enth”lt, enthalten = includes, included  
Erstabdruck, Erstver–ff., erstver–ffentlicht  = first print
erw., erweitert = enlarged (enriched)
Fassung = version  
Feber = February
Fernsehsendung = TV-broadcast

Forschungsbericht = research report
frz. = French
gek., gek¸rzt = abbreviated
Gespr”ch = dialogue
griech. = Greek
hg., Hg. = edited; editor 
holl. = Dutch
Hörfunk = Radio 
Interview = interview
ital. = Italian
J”nner = January
Kolloquium = conversation, discussion
Konferenz = meeting, congress
korr. = corrected
M”rz = March
mit = with
Mitarbeit = collaboration 

Nachdruck = reprint 
Nachwort = postface  
namentlich gezeichnet = signed

Neuauflage = new edition
norweg. = Norwegian
port(ugies). = Portuguese
Radiosendung =  radio broadcast
Rezension = review
Rum”n. = Rumanian
Sammelband = collective work
schwed. = Swedish
S., Seite(n) = p., pp.
s., siehe (auch) = see (also)
so auch in = identically reprinted in 
span. = Spanish
Tagung = congress
Taschenbuch(ausgabe) = pocket book
Teil = part
Teil¸bers. = partial translation
teilw. = partial
Thema = theme  
Themenheft = special issue
Titel = title